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Jamie Flanders CDBC

I have over 16 years of experience working with dogs as a vet tech, dog trainer, and behavior consultant. I am one of only a handful of certified dog behavior consultants in Utah. I am certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am dedicated to using humane training and humane behavioral modification methods. I actively stay up to date with the most credible, current, and innovative training and behavior information.

I do not use, or advocate the use of aversive training methods inc. pinch, prong, or shock (e-collars), or erroneous dominance/pack approaches that have little scientific merit to achieve training, relationship, and behavioral modification goals. The methods that I use are valid, effective and safe for any handler including children, disabled, and elderly.

I prefer to have a close working relationship with my clients to see them through to completion of their goals. I provide weekly check-ins via text messaging and Marco Polo video messaging to encourage accountability, support, and momentum.

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Services and rates

Serving the following counties: Salt Lake County, Utah, Tooele, Davis, Weber

Travel fee for the following counties: Utah, Tooele, Davis, Weber

During winter months, consults may be rescheduled due to unsafe driving conditions.

All fees include a personalized detailed training plan and constant contact with Jamie via text, email, or Marco Polo video messaging.

Constant contact is available until 3 weeks after the final scheduled consult.



Private training.


Setting up the home for puppy’s success / House training (including crate training) / Chew training / Biting and nipping / Socialization strategies / Understanding developmental stages / Setting up your children and puppy for success / Grooming and veterinary handling preparation (cooperative care) / Come when called / Drop it / Leave it / Walking on leash and long line / Off leash training / etc

*Designed to compliment any puppy classes you may be taking from other positive reinforcement trainers.


skills and manners

Private training.


Attention / Sit / Down / Stand / Stay and release / Wait / Mat work / Door manners / Leave it / Come when called / Walking on leash and long line / Heeling / Tricks / etc


behavior modification

Private training.

$270 / 2~hour initial consult and 1 hour follow up
$70 / follow ups

Leash reactivity / Fear / Dog vs dog / Dog vs human / Multi-dog-Inter-household aggression / Relationship repair / Jumping / Humping/ Nipping / Resource guarding / Handling and grooming sensitivities / Cat chasing / Tolerate crating / Barking / Counter surfing / House training / New pet introduction protocol / Boundary training / etc

I do not see separation anxiety cases.


Treibball classes

First class is 4 weeks @ $100.00

After completing your first 4 weeks the option for $25 drop in classes opens up.

Classes are held on Sundays at Side By Side Dog training @ 2019 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Sunday classes will start April 28th at 12:00 PM.

Have some fun with your dog! Great for herding breeds!
Treibball is a fun dog sport that is great for; mental stimulation, physical exercise, building a relationship between you and your dog, and eventual off leash team work skills. Any dog can learn and excel in Treibball. All breeds welcome. Dog reactive dogs can be accommodated. No human reactive dogs please.
You are responsible for providing your own equipment. An equipment list will be provided to you upon registration.

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If you would like to schedule a behavior consult or training session please fill out the training intake form.

Jamie will review your information and contact you within 24-48 hours.

Find Jamie on Facebook @shakeonitdogtraining

For general inquiries please use the contact form below.